Fort Mill History Museum


“To preserve Fort Mill’s heritage for the benefit of present and future generations.”

To promote the collection, preservation, educational interpretation, and display of those artifacts, documents, and events most representative of Fort Mill, South Carolina its pre-history and history, its people and institutions, and its cultural and economic development.

As we looked back in time to events that helped make this community what it is today, we found it was not just historic events that brought us to the present day but a combination of events, people from all walks of life, special places, and childhood memories. The stories we hear that make up the fabric of  our community are so interesting. They must be collected, preserved, and shared with all who are here today and those who will come this way tomorrow.

The beautiful works of art you will see in the Samuel E. White Gallery are creations of very talented local artists. They give you a glimpse of what Fort Mill was like from the 1600s to today. As the museum grows, the timeline will grow. Important dates and events that occurred throughout the history of this community will be added. Oral histories will also become a part of the timeline and throughout the museum.

The past is definitely coming to life at the Fort Mill History Museum and we invite you to become a part of it. Come join in our mission!

Core Principals and Values

  • Collect items and information of historical and meaningful significance to this community.

  • Preserve information and historic assets in an orderly, consistent and factual manner to maintain integrity and public trust.

  • Research with enthusiasm, thoroughness and truthfulness to ensure no compromise of what history reveals.

  • Share items and information in a credible and non-judgmental manner and provide Fort Mill residents with an enhanced sense of place and history.

  • Remain family-oriented and provide an affordable, educational and enjoyable visitor experience to the public.

  • Maintain a volunteer component in the operations, planning and decision-making process.

  • Be recognized for excellence in the museum community and a notable public attraction in the upcountry of South Carolina.

  • Be a visible and valued institution in the local area by being both inviting and accessible to visitors

  • Be financially sound and recognized as an important historical and educational resource in regards to Fort Mill history.


2019 Board of Directors

Fort Mill History Museum is led by an active Board of Directors made up of volunteers with varied backgrounds in business, civic organizations, and the arts. Some are lifelong Fort Mill residents and others are new to the area, but all share a dedication to preserving the history of the town for generations to come.

Board Officers

Jason Ackerman, Chairman
John Kralijevich, Vice Chair
Pamela Caywood, Secretary
Ashley Taylor, Treasurer
Ann Evans, Past Chair

Board of Directors

Steven Bivins
Danny Funderburk

Darlene Kerr
Cora Dunlap Lyles
David Ward, Jr.

Honorary Board Members

Jim Camann – Retired IBM Graphic & Exhibit Designer, Artist
James Huntley – Town Councilman
Anne Springs Close – Retired President, Springs Close Foundation
Peter Scotese – Retired President, Springs Industries


Christia Humburg – Executive Director
Lindsay Stuber – Collections & Special Projects Manager


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Charter Members


Dr. Robert and Joan Martin
Betty Mills Thomas


Dr. John and Jessie Little


Tom & Susie Adams
Ken & Bobbie Beam
Billy Bradford
Bill & Nancy Brewer
Roger & Patricia Broom
The Chase Family
Rick & Becky Diak
Gary & Carol Dixon
Dr. Chuck Epps
George & Elizabeth Ford
Jason Ford
Mayor Danny & Maureen Funderburk

Anita Greene
Randy & Jayma Hanauer
Chip & Trudie Heemsoth
Robert C. Hill
Brenda Honeycutt
Larry & Patsy Huntley
John & Brandi Knight
James & Cindi Lightsey
John & Beth McCrae
Tommy & Peggy Merritt
Hoss & Maxine Nesbit

John & Brenda Pettus
John L. Jr. & Mary E. Sanders
Rufus Sanders
Rep. John Jr. & Jane Spratt
Ken Starnes
Larry & Mari-Ann Taylor
Laura Thomas
David & Teresa Ward
Patrick & Jamie White
David & Melissa Wood
Manly S. & Charity G. Young


Articles & Press Releases


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