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Crowd Photo Release for Events, Programs, and Facilities

When you enter or attend an event or program conducted by the Fort Mill History Museum (FMHM), you enter an area where photography, audio, and video recording may occur.

By entering the event premises, you consent to interview(s), photography, audio or video recording, and their release, publication, exhibition, or reproduction to be used for news, web casts, promotional purposes, telecasts, advertising, inclusion on websites, social media, or any other purpose by FMHM and its affiliates and representatives. Images, photos and/or videos may be used to promote similar FMHM events in the future, highlight the event, and exhibit the capabilities of FMHM. You release FMHM, its officers and employees, and each and all persons involved from any liability connected with the taking, recording, digitizing, or publication and use of interviews, photographs, computer images, video, and/or sound recordings.

By entering the event premises, you waive all rights you may have to any claims for payment or royalties in connection with any use, exhibition, streaming, web casting, televising, or other publication of these materials, regardless of the purpose or sponsoring of such use, exhibiting, broadcasting, web casting, or other publication irrespective of whether a fee for admission or sponsorship is charged. You also waive any right to inspect or approve any photo, video, or audio recording taken by FMHM or the person or entity designated to do so by FMHM.

You have been fully informed of your consent, waiver of liability, and release before entering the event. DO NOT ENTER THE EVENT AREA IF YOU DO NOT WISH TO BE SUBJECT TO THE FOREGOING.


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To preserve Fort Mill’s heritage for the benefit of present and future generations.



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The Elizabeth Ford Living History Project

Watch and hear living history testimonies from some of Fort Mill's long time residents including Jim Ardrey, Bill Bradford, William Bradford Jr., Anne Springs Close, Anna Dixon and more.

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