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Drums of October Continue Fort Mill’s Legacy of Music

A discernible chill creeping into the air evokes many different responses. For thousands who have come through Fort Mill’s school music programs over the years, it’s a signal that after months of practice in the blistering sun and countless hours spent traversing parking lots and football fields in … [Read More...]

Fort Mill Boys and Their Toys—1906 Edition

I recently interviewed some of Fort Mill’s longstanding citizens for a project I’m working on for the Fort Mill History Museum and I learned that if you went a mile in any direction from Main Street as late as the 1940s, you would find yourself in a cotton field. Our little town was surrounded by … [Read More...]

News in Fort Mill and the Bradford Family Legacy

Do you know the Bradford Family legacy? You’re reading it right now. Imagine this—the year is 1958 and it’s a hot Wednesday morning in early July. A 15-year-old boy turns the corner of Main Street onto Confederate. He walks past the open back door of Rexall’s Pool Hall and hears the crack of the … [Read More...]