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Swept Away—The Great Flood of 1916

Tomorrow (7/14) marks the 100th anniversary of one of the greatest natural disasters to ever tear through Fort Mill. Say the word “hurricane” to anyone in our area and one word likely comes to mind: Hugo. The 1989 storm left an indelible mark on all who endured it, but it likely paled in comparison … [Read More...]

Redcoats Rode Out the Storm in Fort Mill

As we prepare for our yearly celebration of Independence Day, it’s a good time to look back at the extraordinary fight for freedom that helped birth a country. South Carolina is rich with Revolutionary War history, and some of it was made right here on the land we call home. The British Army was … [Read More...]

Breaking Up is Hard, Thirsty Work

Once upon a time there was a colony called Carolina. It was a big place—too big, in fact, for the wide variety of people and places operating under the Crown’s royal thumb. So in 1712 it was split into North and South Carolina, and the border between the two remains a thorny subject to this very … [Read More...]